In the early nineteenth century, the writings of John Lambert renewed the British public's fascination with the landscapes, peoples, flora and fauna of the Canadian colonies and the young independent United States. First published in 1811, and ultimately running into four editions, this two-volume work is packed with closely-observed descriptions, facts and figures about colonial life, as well as lively anecdotes. The 'corrected and improved' second edition reissued here was published in 1814. It promised to 'enable the British reader to form a just opinion of the Canadian colonies, and to appreciate the character of the neighbouring enemies'. A trained painter, Lambert illustrated his account with lithographs based on his own watercolours. Volume 1 focuses on Newfoundland and Quebec, describing European traders, Jesuit missionaries and Native Americans, while Volume 2 contrasts the markets, hotels and pleasure gardens of New York, Charleston and Boston with the conditions endured by Black slaves.