Absolute Trust Kaenar Langford Micah never expected Layla to be anything more than a fellow bounty hunter, but one night of steamy sex proved him wrong, creating a mental link shared only by soul mates. Worried that he's too old for her, Micah tries to stay away, to ignore the mental link between them. When Micah's sent on assignment to protect Prince Denyan, Layla follows, intent on seduction. The sparks fly between them, but after a passionate reunion, Micah leaves her handcuffed to the bed while he goes off to find the wayward prince. To his shock, the prince is performing in a men's club and greets Micah telepathically-sharing the same link that Micah shares with Layla, proving that the prince is their third soul mate. But Micah soon finds that he's not the only person looking for Denyan and that saving one of his soul mates may mean losing the other. "Reader Advisory: Contains explicit scenes of m nage and m/m sex."