Is OCD ruining your life? If so, this book might help you.

The honest truth about OCD is that there is NOT one magic technique that will instantly cure your condition….if there was then you would already have tried it! However, what this book provides is a unique research based program that can significantly reduce your obsessions and compulsions.

This book will:

Teach you about the true cause of your OCD
Show you surprising ways you can radically reduce or even eliminate
ANY obsession or compulsion
Reveal unique fundamental principles that will transform your condition

TruthaboutOCD is NOT an easy quick fix ‘cure’ for your OCD. In order to get the right results from this program you've got to be prepared to put in a little bit of work.

Message from author Steve Chapman:

"I am NOT going to insult your intelligence by saying that I know a piece of information that you don’t currently have that will IMMEDIATELY free you of this condition. Any intelligent person will realise that this is simply impossible. If there really was some mysterious secret technique or idea, then you would have heard from someone or someplace by now about what that so called ‘secret’ was.

I’ve been suffering (and I mean really suffering) with OCD since my mid twenties. My OCD has taken many different shapes and forms. I don’t want to bore you to tears with the whole history of my condition but here’ are just a few of the obsessions and compulsions that have plagued me over the years:

* Strange feeling that my house was contaminated with HIV and other germs.

* Fears that people I knew were dead or dying.

* Weird ideas that I would act out some sort of inappropriate behaviour like shouting '***** You' during a meeting at work.

* Nagging fear that I had committed or would commit some awful violent or sexual act.

* Needing to clean the bathroom time after time after time.

* Washing my hands until they were red raw.

* Retracing my route on almost every car journey.

* Constantly counting numbers in specific ways. This would sometimes go on for what seemed like hours at a time.

* Needing to walk a certain number of times around superstore aisles.

Before I developed this program I tried everything:

* Medication

* Exposure Response Therapy

* Various OCD books including ALL the bestsellers I could find.

* ALL the various Internet Programs that promised to reveal some ‘secret’ that would magically unlock my OCD.

* Hypnotherapy

* Acupuncture

* Natural remedies such as St John’s Wort and 5HTP.:

Maybe there isn’t one simple straightforward ‘cure’ that is going to wipe out this condition overnight. However, there are quite a few things that work a little bit. Rather than keep searching for some mythical cure, why not start to do a few things that help a little bit and see where it takes you?

I have researched a variety of techniques, tips and different ways of thinking and behaving that each seemed to work a little bit. Some of them were just common sense. Some of them were even a bit weird. I discounted many things that I thought might work and found some very unexpected things that worked in a surprisingly effective way. I also found that certain elements of the program worked better together than others. Then I put all these ideas into the melting pot. I found that the cumulative effect was so much greater than I ever imagined possible. A series of ideas, all put together in one coherent program, produced results that were mindblowing…

Around a 90% Reduction in my OCD symptoms!

I have now refined and perfected all these years of research and put together my own step by step systematic program that is specifically designed to work over 90 days and just might reduce your OCD symptoms by a similar amount during that time."

Praise for Truth about OCD

"Try this program. That's all I'm going to say....JUST TRY IT!"

"A truly different approach! This program has changed my life"

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