Sometimes you have to sacrifice things for the sake of others. When Nancy is faced with a new case, she thinks everything will go fine- until one of her boyfriend's friend is under suspicion. Death will be defied. Sacrifices will be made. And all this leads down to some pranks on the Emerson college basketball team. It all comes down to this: sometimes we have to bear our own scars just to heal others'.

Okay, I haven'tread Nancy Drew for a while, so this was a good book to come back to. It had an interesting sotry, with some plot twists, and even made me feel real emotion for the characters. Although some would say it was flawless, at some points I was shouting to Nancy to do something in my head. For a Nancy Drew book ,his one was short, but I still loved it. I would recommend this to any Nancy Drew fans, not just sports fans, as you don't need to know a thing about basketball to enjoy it, like if did.