This is the story of how the FBI broke its own rules to catch the notorious Unabomber who had randomly killed and maimed people while leaving a cold trail of terrorism for sixteen years.. When a new team of hand- picked, investigators, devised a different strategy to crack the genetic code that protected the Unabomber's anonymity, the first task was to begin blasting away the layers of bureaucratic constraints that had plagued the earlier efforts to retrace the trail of crimes. As the rules broke and the bureaucratic restraints crumbled, the puzzle pieces of earlier bombings that the terrorist left behind were found and the puzzle collapsed around the Unabomber like a deck of cards. This is the story, told in the narrative, by the three FBI Agents who led the chase, of how, they broke the Bureau's own rules and finally captured the notorious Unabomber who had led the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the longest chase in its century- old history.