At last, here is a guide for students that gives them the scoop on how to use their student I.D.s to cut expenses on airplane tickets, charters, tours, buses, hotels, meals, admission fees, credit cards, insurance, and much, much more. Based on our bestselling Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're over 50 (more than 850,00 copies sold), this comprehensive guidebook provides information for 14-to 24-year-olds that helps them parlay their student status into savings.Students will find hundreds of ways to save money at home and abroad from fast and cheap travel deals and spring break and other adventure discounts to fantastic bargains on computers and software — even valuable tips on college financial aid — all free or at great savings. Features "Great Student Deals" throughout the book that highlight special tips that save the reader even more money in that particular area.