Destroyermen: Unknown Seas (2-In-1)

Destroyermen: Unknown Seas by Taylor Anderson is the opening salvo in an extraordinary series that combines military SF and alternate history for first-rate action excitement.

Into the Storm: The South Pacific, 1942: Desperate to save the U.S.S. Walker-a Great War-era destroyer-from pursuing Japanese, its captain Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Reddy leads his ship into a squall, hoping to find cover...only to emerge into an alternate world. A world where two species-the cat-like Lemurians and the reptilian Griks-are at war. With its advanced weaponry, the Walker's very existence could tip the balance of power. Soon, one thing becomes clear: They must determine whose side they're on. Because whichever species they choose is the winner.

Crusade: Reddy and his crew have taken sides...with the species most likely to lose the war. Luckily, they're not alone-they've found the other American ship that passed through the rift. Together, the destroyers will teach their allies to make a stand. Or so they think. For a massive Japanese battleship has followed them through. And now that ship is in enemy hands.