This is not a bad romance. This is a forbidden romance gone completely and utterly wrong.

When I first saw her, my heart stopped. She saw inside my soul, she saw the pain, she saw the damage and I did nothing to hide it. We stared into each other for an eternity. Neither of us broke the connection. I didn't want to because I was afraid of losing her. I didn't think it would be possible to feel relief after such a long time. That’s what I thought anyways. I didn't want to drag her in this hell with me. I wanted to stay away but I couldn't. I craved her too much. I obsessed with her in an unhealthy way. I tried to warn her but she is too innocent to understand. She is too young to comprehend the obstacles that jeopardize her life. I warned her but she didn't listen. She wanted to explore. She wanted to be with me although it was wrong. She told me “it’s normal to feel pain because it’s part of life”. If only I could heal the pain I caused. She didn't
listen to my warnings and now things are out of control. She gave me her heart and I crushed it into a thousand pieces because I don’t know any other way. Now, there is no turning back. She discovered something she shouldn't have. She shouldn't have gone that far. She shouldn't have come back. I let her go for a reason. She was the one who didn't let me go. She held on to this fantasy far too long. Now we are each other’s enemy because what started as a fling has now become a battlefield.