According to the lycan legend, there is only one true love for everyone. Matthew Walker has already met his true love, but she died two hundred years ago. He does not have any delusions he will fall in love again, nor does he want to. Matt has accepted to live the rest of his existence alone. Then he meets Madison “Maddy” O’Reilly and everything changes for him, especially his belief in the lycan legend.
Maddy is relieved the wicked witch is finally dead, but there is one thing left to do before the spell is broken. She needs the witch’s wand to destroy it and the curse that has haunted her family for centuries will finally end. Maddy’s mission brings her to Matt and she asks him for help. She knows he has the wand. In fact, she knows more than she’s telling him. Things he won’t believe.
The lycan legend is clear. There is only one true love for everyone.
And Maddy is Matt’s true love.