What does urban mean? How do places and spaces change when they become urban? Why are people drawn to cities? How do anthropologists and others study urban places and the people who occupy them? These are some of the questions explored in this compelling and extensively revised fifth edition. As before, Urban Life is topically and geographically wide ranging, with well-crafted contributions offering expert coverage of urban fieldwork experiences, theoretical concepts, and new research from an anthropological perspective. The book is organized into five parts: fieldwork, communities, structures and institutions, migration and adaptation, and globalization and transnationalism. Each part includes an introduction that provides background for its chapters. Each chapter begins with a headnote that highlights its significance. The richly ethnographic content of each chapter appeals to students and encourages them to reconsider their preconceptions about the social life and character of cities and city dwellers.

Title of related interest from Waveland Press: Lyon-Driskell, The Community in Urban Society, Second Edition (ISBN 9781577667414).