Alec Caldwell has everything going for him. He’s young, successful, and reasonably handsome with a body he’s happy with but there’s one thing that plays on his mind. Alec is still a virgin. At twenty-four Alec sees it as a problem. He’s had plenty of opportunities but never followed through and the longer he leaves it, the harder it is to step over the threshold into manhood. Almost as embarrassing as his virgin status is the crush he has on his boss, Rick Hamilton. Not a day seems to go by without Hamilton catching Alec staring or drooling. If only Alec could find the courage to say something.

When Alec is called into Hamilton’s office after the latest incidence of ogling he thinks he’s going to be transferred. Instead he’s offered the chance of a lifetime – to be Hamilton’s personal sex toy at work. A whole new world unfurls as Alec is inducted into the exclusive Order of Gentleman that weaves through the rich and powerful corporate institutions of The City and beyond.

Contains multiple explicit scenes.
Tags: D/s; sex-at-work; threesome; man-love; sex-acts-in-public; multiple partners; polyamory; erotic-exhibitionism; sex-club; Master/slave
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