Georgia native Love N. Lee has had a passion for reading since she was in Pull Ups. It wasn't until she had to write a short story as a class assignment in elementary that she discovered that she liked to write and create her own stories. Love's parents and teachers took note of her talent, believing that one day she could become an author. Unfortunately, Love felt it would only remain a hobby since she thought it was too difficult to land a publishing deal. It would be nearly ten years before she picked up her pen again.

Love dropped out of college after having her son, and then relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. While working at a call center, in-between calls and on her break, she would read urban fiction. Soon she began working on her own novel as her interest in writing returned. Thanks to a chance encounter, Love linked up with best-selling author Treasure E. Blue on a social networking site. He introduced her to other literary heavyweights that shared resources to help her perfect her craft and offered invaluable advice. After receiving encouragement and mentoring from Nakea Murray of The Literary Consultant Group and David Weaver of SBR Publications, she decided to bring her dreams to fruition.

Taking a leap of faith, Love quit her job and began writing full-time. Her novel 'Already Taken' hit virtual bookshelves in July and became an overnight bestseller. After much hard work, she is now the CEO and Founder of JME Publications, which specializes in romance books for the hood. Love currently lives in Georgia with her four-year-old son. Outside of writing, she enjoys reality TV, K-dramas, and traveling.