"You have before you a collection of some of the world's most incredible art created by some of the world's most incredible artists—the members of the Visual Effects Society. No matter the background or training, the artist and the art are truly unique—as is this book."—Eric Roth

Behold VESAGE—a visual treasure for all time!

VESAGE celebrates the creative talents of key members from the Visual Effects Society (VES). In this visually stunning page-turner, the world's best visual effects artists have provided a plethora of visual candy to keep you and your friends engaged and amazed. Share this treasure: it is too wonderful to sit on a shelf forgotten, you'll come back to it again and again and again—so keep it out for all to see and delight in.

I was about to share my favorite image, then I turned the page and I had a new favorite. Such is the caliber of images—so varied, they engage you and talk to you. It is wonderful when you can hold a book in your hands, open to an image, and feel the story, hear the sounds . . . VESAGE does that! This is one of those rare gems that come along once every so often—there is an enormous variety spread through this book, something for everyone. Actually, lots for everyone. Don't hesitate with VESAGE. You deserve to own one.