Canadian author John Schlarbaum follows up his debut “Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner” novel with this entertaining second book in the Steve Cassidy Mystery series.

Private Investigator Steve Cassidy returns for another adventure involving murder, intrigue, scams, former and current lovers, and his distinctive sarcastic loathing for everyone, including himself.

Six months after solving a celebrated cold case, and regaining a sense of personal redemption, the ex-cop’s life appears to be back on track. For the first time, his P.I. business is booming after a true crime book portrayed him as a reformed man and one to watch in the future.

Unfortunately, these days many people are watching him.

When mysterious events happen to Steve’s loved ones, the police, the press and even his friends begin to question his every move. To complicate his life further, a cryptic phone call begins a new investigation into the bizarre death of a woman keeping a fatal secret.

With his love life in shambles and arrest warrants being issued in his name, a road trip may hold the key to maintaining his sanity. Regrettably, trouble has a way of finding Steve Cassidy.

With its rich blend of humour, cynicism, hope, denial, and hardcore investigative techniques, When Angels Fail To Fly gives a fresh twist on the belief “Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”