When Constable Evan Evans discovers a beautiful shephard's cottage in the mountains of Llanfair, Wales, he and his fiancee are thrilled. It's only months before their wedding and they are eager to begin their new life together. The cottage is in need of renovation, so Evan wastes no time before he begins making much-needed repairs." "It turns out, though, that Evan's discovery extends far beyond the beauty of a mountaintop view and a cozy dream-house when he finds the skeleton of a child buried in the front yard. His professional inclinations soon get the best of him, and he cannot rest until he discovers the identity of the child." The skeleton is decades old, but the discovery eerily coincides with the case of a present-day missing girl. Although discouraged by his fellow detectives, Evan dives into the mystery of both missing children. He soon realizes that if he can solve the decades-old death, he just might find a crucial insight into the whereabouts of the child missing in the present day.