China in 1923 was a far cry from the exotic land Chloe Cavanaugh envisioned; but Chloe was married to the Chicago Times' most famous correspondent, and this squalid, teeming land was her new home.

Yet the winds of change were blowing the sleeping giant of revolution was awakening. Chloe befriends Madame Sun, wife of Sun Yat-sen, the people's hero, who is fighting for modernization and for a government that will finally free China from feudalism. Chloe's friendship with Madame Sun will lead her to realize her own dreams — as a famous own right. and as a woman whose soul is ignited by four unique men.

From the violent cities Shanghai and Canton, to the war-torn mountains from the private tables of Chiang Kai-shek. to the bitter struggle of a country at Chloe grows from being a naive girl in a strange, forbidden land being a courageous woman, whose ideals, enthusiasm. and to a land, a people, and the sweet calling of her heart lead her on a breathless odyssey.