Bargain Books are non-returnable.Beautifully illustrated with over 150 paintings and drawings, "With Child" celebrates the wonder of pregnancy and motherhood. Drawing on the vast, inherited body of wisdom of mothers around the world, expert Deborah Jackson has translated ancient rituals and myths into practical knowledge that will instruct and encourage mothers (and fathers too). From ancient fertility rites and lore about conception to the folk mythology of labor and aboriginal beliefs about the first months of life, "With Child takes us around the world and through the ages in a fascinating presentation of panhuman maternal wisdom. Learn why the ancient Greek tradition of having a doula, a full-time mother's assistant trained in the transition between pregnancy and motherhood, is regaining popularity for modern women. Discover the traditional way to plant a birth tree; herbal remedies to stop your baby from crying; yoga techniques for pregnancy; how to conduct a naming ceremony; or how to use feng shui to plan the baby's sleeping place. Charting an inspirational course through pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood, "With Child" is the perfect gift for mothers and mothers-to-be, a beautiful and unique volume to be treasured and shared by all parents.