Cassie is held captive by the sinister Lady Violet, another female shifter with a hatred for humans and an army of shifters and hired guns at her disposal. But help is on the way. Yeager and his army manage to free Cassie from Violet's clutches but not without spilled blood on both sides. But for now, Cassie is free and safe.

But Lady Violet's plans include assimilating or eradicating free shifters and she won't give up her prize easily. While Cassie, Yeager and the rest prepare for battle, they discover a secret and Cassie sees an opportunity to avert a war. Cassie proposes a peace offering to the shifters of Wolfsbane Ranch and leads a team on a harrowing mission to contact them.

All goes well and Cassie leads the army that now follows her to Wolfsbane Ranch expecting to be greeted by new allies but instead, Lady Violet is one step ahead once again. Cassie comes to realize there is only one way to end this confrontation. She must challenge Lady Violet's dominance and fight her to the death to win the hearts and minds of the shifters at Wolfsbane Ranch. But if she doesn't win, everyone she cares for will die including the baby she's secretly carrying.

Wolf's Pack is the rousing finale to the Wolf's Trilogy. Cassie didn't believe Yeager when he told her he could become a wolf. She was surprised to find that she herself was a shifter. Now Cassie has become a leader that must lead a small band of shifters against Lady Violet to save themselves and countless other lives. Wolf's Pack is full of romance, adventure, surprises and brings the story full circle in a satisfying ending that will leave you all warm and fuzzy.