This book is suitable for students of literature; women's literature; women's poetry; and poetry.This guide examines the production and reception of poetry by a range of women writers from Sappho through Anne Bradstreet and Emily Bronte to Sylvia Plath, Eavan Boland and Susan Howe.Women's Poetry offers a thoroughgoing thematic study of key texts, poets and issues, analysing commonalities and differences across a range of writers, periods, and forms. The book is alert, throughout, to the diversity of women's poetry. Close readings of selected texts are combined with a discussion of key theories and critical practices, and students are encouraged to think about women's poetry in the light of debates about race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and regional and national identity. The book opens with a chronology followed by a comprehensive Introduction which outlines various approaches to reading women's poetry. Seven chapters follow, and a conclusion and section of useful resources close the book.It is wide-ranging and flexible in scope, giving detailed consideration to widely-taught poets, texts, periods and issues.