Street Corner Majesty is the title of David Harris' first publishedbook of poetry. This book is about a few years of David's life and howhe tells his story through poetry. David says the most interestingyears of his life started in the Winter of 2001 when he found himselfhomeless on the streets of Washington, D.C., cold, hungry and scared. Aftera few weeks on the streets, David discovered the creative writing groupat Miriam's Kitchen, a soup kitchen that serves breakfast to the hungryand homeless in D.C. The group provided David with a network offriends, who were also homeless and wrote poetry. David was findingthat poetry gave him a way to express his feelings and experiences onthe streets. Street Corner Majesty is being published byAuthorHouse with the financial support of The Pilgrimage. ThePilgrimage considers David it's "Poet-in-Residence." David's bookshould be available in late Spring, 2009. The book will be able to bepurchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders, and, of course,from David and The Pilgrimage.