The book beckons and you admit that you're intrigued. After all, second-person was the black-sheep cousin of first- and third-person, the one your teachers always swept under the rug, the one that somebody asked about eventually. You remember the response: "nobody uses it, so don't worry." But what if it wasn't so insignificant? You always wondered about it. What had it done to be banished like that? Wracking your brain, you came up with two examples: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure and role playing guide books. Surely, you knew, there had to be a more sophisticated use, a way to get second person a moment of fame in the mainstream.

And now you hold it in your hands. Real stories that take you places, without telling you to make a choice and turn to page 46. An anthology of stories where 'you' are the main character, the heart and soul of the narrator, and you want to open the cover, flip the pages, and be immersed in your own stories.

What are you waiting for?

You Don't Say is an anthology of stories written in second person, where "you" is the main character and "you" is the narrator. Writing in second person allows a reader to step into a story and feel as though they're right there in the action.