Alas, I am only able to give 'Book 6' 3 out of 5 stars. This isso far the weakest of the Nick Twisp journals. It started out humorous and clever — I love Nick's documentation of his 'married life' with Sheeni in their tiny Parisian apartment, the new characters introduced, the further stories of Connie and Paul, and the music videos. But once Nick goes on the run again and joins the circus, I completely lost interest, and it seemed as though so did C.D. Payne. Disappointing but true. The second half of the book — ie. Nick's attempting to win Reina's hand through the contest — was silly, out of character and completely lacking in the wit and wisdom readers of Nick's journals have previous been entertained with. And the '13 Years Later' ending seemed forced and rushed — like Payne had simply tired of Nick and his friends — and was ready to move on to something else. Still, this will not stop me from reading 'Revoltingly Young'.