In 1787, young Susanna Gage, an actress and the orphaned daughter of two actors, is in love with John Carleton, a man of high social position who loves her but cannot marry an actress. As a result, she accepts an offer to leave England and go to New York to make a new beginning and prove to all that it is possible to be an actress and a lady, too. In New York she finds both success and true love.

Unusual, exciting source material on New York's first theatre, and the life of a town of 20,000 people, when Nassau Hill and Hanover Square were its heart. Sensitive and unusual love story as the heroine an actress, a proud and lovely girl, strives to maintain her dignity in a profession which had no social standing. Colorful details of the stage, the English world of acting, the American scene, the boats, coaches, conveyances, the fashions, the social problems abounding with vigor and prejudice, boarding houses, medical men- these are only a few of the details which liven the book. Appealing story, with an authentic setting. Kirkus.