This was my first foray into the seemingly wildly popular Magic Rainbow Fairy (or some similar combination of these terms) series. I don't want to be too harsh on this book, but...It was fairly suspense and enjoyment free.Not to give away a spoiler but a major plot development hinged on a late in the book rule "clarification" by Zoe, the needlessly midriff-bearing eponymous fairy about the magical properties of size-changing spells.With magic like this, there is little suspense remaining as to who will win this battle between Team Fairy and Team Goblin, who clearly did not bring their A-team.The appeal of this book?maybe its tightly (in the chronological sense) plotted action that felt like it developed in real time during the few minutes it took to get through the book.There were also plentiful funny images of Team Goblin which were a highlight for me.So, a quick and easy read, but fairly low on the literary merit scale.
Positives: multiple mentions of the importance of safety gear when skating; pivotal role of doughnuts in the resolution of the plot.
Negatives: Just not very good.